We can provide stable operation at
your first process by finalizing,
running-in until just before shipment.


High precision spindle with long service life.
Appropriate for precision machining and
measuring equipment.

Effective utilization of experience and achievement.

Various spindles which are custom made for specific purpose for every
customer have been operated in every active field.
We can provide you with custom made spindles made by precision
processing technology.



Spindle with an integrated air chuck

Breakthrough idea which is born from customer’s demand.
High speed spinning, high force, high precision is realized.
Appropriate for materials which is difficult to machining.

An absolutely fresh idea is reality with
precision and compact Air Chuck Spindle.

Spindle with an integrated air chuck



  • The precision angular bearing which are located in the
    front and the rear by twos.
  • Good balance design can lead to a slight hearting.
    (approx, room temperature +10C)
  • Eco – conscious grease lubrication.
  • Integrated high precision collet chuck.

Air chuck

  • gripping can be controlled flexibly by adjusting air pressure.
  • Long stroke of 5mm (by diameter)




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