High performance and wide range of line up hand presses
may very well be your most cost effective solution.
Easy operability and simple structure may improve safety and
efficiency requirement.



Highly reliable for maintenance of precision

Highly reliable presses stay in action with high precision for
pressing, bending, punching, cutting, forming, marking, riveting.

Excellent structure for easy and safe operability

Easy operation by simple and space-saving design.
Safe and user-friendly operation will lead to improve production

Long service life

High durable structure leads to quite less deterioration even long
hours of operation.

Wide range of line up for various applications

There is a wide selection to choose from.
You can choose the appropriate press from wide range of
rack-and-pinion presses or toggle presses for your application.

Product Line Up

Rack-and-Pinion Press

Rack-and-Pinion Press

Press depth can be adjust precise and quick.
User-friendly operation will improve efficiency.

Toggle Press

Toggle Press

Toggle joint mechanism is best solution for
powerful and high precise operation.
Appropriate for application which is required
high force at end of stroke.


Load Star ; Integrate Load Cell and Piece Counter
Acknowledgement of OK/NOK is integrated in LOAD CELL.

  • Large and High visibility LED display.
  • Connectable with PLC, PC by installing circuit board.
  • Process data can be visualized as curve on PC close at hand by installed analysis software.
  • Function of force monitoring and OK/NOK decision is available.
    High productivity and quality control is realized without sampling.
  • Auto process counter is integrated.
  • 3 process modes (Peak mood, Section peak mood, Track mood)
    are available.
    The required process mode can be selected.

Load Star


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