Explosive power is realized by impact by pneumatic.
Appropriate for applications which short stroke and big force is required.

Marking, riveting, punching, deburring, and all other operations which requires short stroke,
DYNA MARKS performs over 10 times of explosive power as any similar pneumatic cylinder.


Pressing down before impact

The workpiece is held down before impact, so that double marking
can be avoided. Also crimping can be done more perfectly.
Speed of holding stroke is adjustable flexibly by controller.
The fixture can be matched safe and easy since the cylinder head
returns to TDC as soon as the valve is released.
Pneumatic for holding is not wasted by accelerating the impact ram.

Powerful explosive

DYNA MARK is utilizes the energy which is generated in impact
ram as explosive power.
The energy is not wasted by synchronizing acceleration of impact
ram with intake of exhaust.

Impact Press

Principle of impact


  1. Impact ram moves downwards.
  2. The tools is held down firmly onto the workpiece.
  3. Impact ram moves downwards.
    Ram impacts against tool holder by receiving
    effect of compress air.

Impact ram Tool Workpiece Air flow

  • image2

    Stamp size : 5mm

    Left :
    normal pneumatic cylinder
    (dia 100mm) 0.6MPa
    Light :
    DMMC-04B (dia 100mm)
  • image3

    Stamp size : 3mm

    Above :
    normal pneumatic cylinder
    (dia 100mm) 0.6MPa
    Below :
    DMMC-04B (dia 100mm)

Spring Impact Press series IMPACT PRESS

SP100 SP200

Hand Press with spring impact force.
(appropriate for stamping and riveting application.)

SP100 Spring Impact Press

Compact and light weight

  • Max impact force3kN
  • Max holding down force0.3kN

SP200 Spring Impact Press

Rigid and durable frame with high precision.
Compact design for space-saving.

  • Max impact force10kN
  • Max holding down force0.8kN


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